First things I did, back home in Germany

Colombo, Sri Lanka, September 2012

H’luh. I’ve been wandering around in the last 13 months and this is what I did back home:

1.Hamburg – 5.30 am, jet lag & migraine.  But fresh air helps very well against it. It’s quite comfortable in Germany right now, +15°C is heaven!

2. So I walked to the lake next door, wrapped in my favourite wool coat from Finland and with a cup of warm tea . Next to the lake is one of the biggest park graveyards in the world, the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof with ca. 400 hectars of land and 1,4 Billion funerals taken place since 1877.  I like to make up biographies from the lean engravements of the most weather-beaten grave stones dated back to 18something. Is there any better start than watching the sunrise at the lake in a calm and peaceful nature reservoire?

Being close to the cemetery makes me think of the book AS I LAY DYING by William Faulkner. I bought an edition in a second hand book store in Dasmarinas without having read it. In English classes, we read a pretty good story by Faulkner called “A Rose for Emily”. It deals with the dark side of humans and might even touch the topic of necrophilia. Highly recommended to those who aren’t afraid of morbid stories. Couldn’t bring the Faulkner Collection to Germany cause my bags were already overloaded by mangoes and clothes from the Phils, incense sticks and sandal wood soap bars from Sri Lanka. One has to make priorities!

3. After that I did my first Yoga session on the brand new mat from the landmark, Makati. Try this.

4. Every drop of sweat has to be compensated by a sugar spoon. Therefore, I baked a vegan cake for lazy people.

Vegan  – because there are neither eggs nor milk in the fridge and all shops in Germany are closed on Sundays.

Lazy –  because doing a morning walk and yoga at 7 am is fair enough. Let the blender do the dirty job.

Kneeding dough is way too much effort, diba?

Voila! Here’s the Mango Banana Cake.

It is a mestiza cake with 50% ingredients from the Phils and the other 50% from Germany ;D

5. In the afternoon, I went to the harbour and a fab flee market in Feldstraße.

They have tons of old leather satchels, cameras and other antique stuff.

I bought a cheap but nice classical guitar cause my Western guitar is a bit too big for my body and too hard for my fingers. Gonna bring the classical guitar and the ukulele back to Jena. Yeay!
6. In a local little cinema Koralle (coral) Mom and I watched the Swedish comedy “The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes” about a jobless actor in crisis who finds out that everybody has talents while he works with mentally handicapped people. The landscapes reminded me of Finland in August and Swedish sounds so cool. Really sweet story!

7. Döner Time close to midnight! If you have not yet tried yet Döner Kebab, you are not yet allowed to leave earth. It is warm bread, embracing fresh slices of onion, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, red beet with tzaziki and chilli sauce. Hmmm…sarap!

8. After that, there was no trouble of falling asleep instantly (for 12 hours again, like a babe).


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